another little piece of my heart

the idea of home is tricky. while some associate the word with four walls and a roof, others know it's more a feeling you get when you feel comfortable or familiar...

sunday i got a good dose of all things home...left me happy, sad and everything else in between.

first i saw 2012 (review will come later gaters) and that made me miss the fam bam and all my other loved ones...funny enough i had made a date with a college bud to meet up in long beach. i met ms em back at an old college job. every day we'd sit in a little cube together, fold envelopes and gab. i was there when she was dating her hubster, when he proposed...i went to the wedding...she was there to see me off to los angeles. a bit later she, her husband and her baby moved to salt lake city and the rest is herstory.

i haven't seen or spoken (in person) to this lady in YEARS and then there she was, stroller in tow, waiting for me at the aquarium. we found a restaurant and promptly started the game of catch up.

random...the restaurant was celebrating their five-year anniversary. so obviously (not really but yeah) the celebration included the usc marching band coming in and blasting tunes for a good 45 minutes. thru the noise and play time with her wee one we managed to squeeze out what's been happening in both our worlds.

i caught myself melting into our conversation. it's been such a long time since i've spoken to someone who knows about the ethiopian restaurant in our college town...someone who discusses old school olathe as a point of reference....someone that can give me home.

i caught myself tearing up when we were hugging bye. when you move away you create a new version of life. yes, you bring your furniture and other tangible goodies but it's not always home. home is where the heart is and fortunately for me a little bit of home came and plopped herself and her daughter in my little ole day. i was reminded that there really is no place like it.

sorry for the sideways angle. some day i'll learn to stop doing that...some day.

ms em & her little wiggle worm


  1. Glad you got to spend some time with Emily. I miss her too!

  2. i'm glad too! : )

    she's a good apple

  3. I had so much fun catching up with you!! Sometimes the online stuff just doesn't cut it! I feel bad I made you homesick...boy, do I know that feeling. Love ya!


  4. don't feel bad! lol now you've just committed me to coming out to see ya finally!

    it was awesome seeing you lady!


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