acting adventures part 382

when it comes to me and my world of acting, connections just don't really exist the way they're supposed to. sure folks promise a lot, but when it comes to me actually seeing successful people helping the unfortunate--well, that's an urban legend.

that is until friday night. i don't know how...i don't know why...but i--little ole tishy from the suburban block of nada--ended up at a dinner party with BIG producers, writers, was madness, jaw-dropping idol worship stuff up in that home and i was there...soaking in the realization that i was pretty darn close to folks otherwise known as "the shiznet".

i listened to these folks discuss the projects they're currently working on...some are directing mini series and drama series that you and i watch...comedy late night shows...movies (one guy was a mastermind of THE MUPPETS MOVIE) guy discussed having john singleton in a class he taught at usc...this class happened to be where he wrote boyz n the hood.

they spoke about how important helping the next generation they look for passion and heart in the newbies--throwing experience out the door for the opportunity to find the next great genius. they spoke of getting out of the entertainment tunnel of boring and living...experiencing the world so you have something new and fresh to actually bring to your art. (hallelujah! that my friends is why i never dated actors...people that eat, live, breath, sleep acting are dull as the spoon i ran into my little four-year old eye)

i dug shaking hands with such good-hearted individuals and discussing what's to come in the world of ku alum living in los angeles.

who knows if i made an impression on those at the dinner. i spoke little, listened much and just soaked it in. i'll chalk that night up to magical fate and be thankful i got to be a fly on the wall.

sometimes my life is a whirlwind of randomness--impossible to grab on to the things that fly around, but boy are they impossible to ignore rushing by.


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