what makes your heart beat

today was the epitome of cool... actually i want to hyperbole the mess out of the "cool". i wanna blow it up to infinity and beyond. (yeah, it's like that.)

so basically we spent the day at training facilities meeting and interviewing the women athletes. (be on the lookout for the posts of my journalism endeavors on www.fitbottomedgirls.com.) it was so crazy to be in the same room with nike executives, creative directors and these olympian goddesses. i swear i was waiting for them to figure out i was a normal mortal and escort me out of the flippin room.

i ate yummy food all day. i had amazing conversations with other journalists about everything from girl power, great advertising campaigns of nike yesteryear and life in general. i buddied up with a gal that a fit bottomed girl befriended last year and we tag teamed the interview process. (took the edge off of me being a first time interviewer...grillin boyfriends doesn't count.) people, i WAS lois lane.

after a day of press we all went to this amazing restaurant in yale town called golden fish where we dined on perfect wines and family-style dishes. one of the dishes was bacon fried rice...wha?! how come two of us at the table were perplexed at the amount of bacon loving people...it only took a minute before folks were clowning us. (i missed the canadian bacon thang.)

i bonded with a fellow bookworm and got some great new books to peep out. anyone else read _the debate on human nature_?

i laughed, i skipped my runs (don't hate me j) and i soaked in as much vancouver as i could from the windows of our shuttle bus. it's so diverse here. the architecture is amazing and fresh. the people are all beautiful. people glow with happiness. i've never seen so many people smiling in my life!

vancouver is mecca i've decided. besides this weird crackhead thing they have going on in the shadows of the city this place is perfection. the last two days have been a dream. i might have to marry, live and die in this town. (yeah, it's like that.)

seriously pinch me. who does this kind of thing?! who meets these kinds of women?! i was so scared that i didn't belong at first. the minute i let go and just enjoyed the gift of learning my heart started picking up a new rhythm. i've got some spiritual hallelujahs, some paolo nutini "new shoes" and some louis armstrong "what a wonderful world" programmed in my noggin.

tomorrow i'll wake at the booty crack of dawn again, we'll train in our official nike training gear they provide and then we'll pack our bags and leave. i know i'm gonna cry. in one short day i've changed into something new, better and brighter.

i thank j for allowing me to represent the FBGs. i thank myself for being brave enough, smart enough and crazy enough to hop on a plane and try a new adventure. i thank God for my randomly wonderful life and i thank nike for the new kicks. : )

i love, love LOVE my new life soundtrack.


  1. You frickin' ROCK!

  2. Thank you for going!!! And repping the FBG so well. :)

    And I can't hate ya on the runs...you best finish the darn thing in January though! LOL.


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