strength in numbers

i think this might have been one of the best weeks of 2009.

i am digging how i felt traveling for a job i respect and admire. i am digging seeing
new places and faces. i am digging my new found awareness that my life can be more--that i can do more, be more and most importantly appreciate more.

canada rocked my world and luckily i had an awesome weekend planned so that my happiness wouldn't drop into a black hole of crap. (just sayin...)

last night buds and i visited a lovely little place called knotts scary farm in buena park, cali. i've gone twice before, but this was the biggest group i have ever rolled with. it was also the most fun group of folks.

the crew consisted of me--hyped up on some weird energy drink i found, b--her dancing/wiggling little self, her guy, my quiet shy boy d, and five others. we stormed the park yo! the beginning was interesting. jared, one of the dudes in the group,
and i got separated from the gang and i about lost it. ole boy had no clue how to deal with my jumpy crazy behind. i kept grabbing for him and accidentally pulling on monsters' arms which would send me running and screaming. by the time we found the gang i looked like i could use a shot and a double dose of prozac. all that changed once i had people surrounding (aka protecting) me though.

we went thru countless mazes and laughed our arses off. i caught myself grabbing onto everyone in the group's whole person at least once in each maze. i'd grab, put my head down and let whoever lead the way, protecting me from monsters, aliens, dolls and other freaky scary ish that had some of the guys in our group jumping at times. (they'll never admit it though.)

all of us girls screamed so loud in one part we made the guy who scared us bust a gut laughing. i tried to be gangsta. i failed miserably.

i loved the whole night. even though we walked for hours and i frazzled myself dumb trying to keep the group together i had the best time enjoying life with fun and (for the most part) brave people. there's strength in numbers. there's also triple the laughs, triple the good times and triple the happiness. this extrovert is happy for the friends she's accumulated over the years.


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