paranormal activity


i don't see scary movies. i don't think about scary movies. i don't dooooo scary movies. for some reason i forgot what was stamped in my dna as tish rule and decided i'd check out the flick "paranormal activity".

this ain't your typical freddy-coming-out-the-water-bed flick ya'll. this movie is set up real nice like. you're calm through out the whole durn thing. you're anticipating something spooky (think ghost hunters) and so when ish starts hitting the scariest fan in the whole wide world you feel like maybe just maybe you should have worn a diaper, brought your Bible and made real nice with a priest.'s like that.

i went into my job the day after to get some work done and i was the only one on my floor working. check out the scene: tish, in a relatively dark work space. it's quiet. she can hear every creek and sound and she's ALL ALONE... i jumped at every dang noise i heard and every time the motion lights went off i jumped up with the quickness, flailed my arms around and jumped until the durn things came back on. did i forget to mention i didn't sleep the first night after seeing it? every time my foot fell out from the blanket i'd wake up in a panic.'s like that.

i've been jacked up in the head. so if you're into flicks that are actually scary and force actual scary movie junkies to turn to you and say, "tish, i don't want to talk about the movie. i'm trying to forget it." then GO SEE THIS MOVIE! request it in your area and then call me up so we can talk.

in the mean time i'm putting an ad in the paper. i need to hire someone to come over and sleep in my room at night...just for a year or so.


  1. I can't believe you went to go see that movie, girl! Lol.

  2. I can't wait until the movie comes to KC. I've gotten all my friends to request it. Don't make me fly out to LA to see it. But on the other hand, that's not a bad idea.

  3. j...yeah yeah yeah sometimes when i'm bored i smoke crack.

    aunt tam REQUEST it. i believe it's only in la for this weekend. i along with thousands of others requested it here but it wasn't initially set to release here...crazy?!

  4. You know I'm a HUGE fan, and I'm DYING for this movie!!!

  5. ummmm... NO... Didn't you hear Crack is Whack??? It makes you do crazy shat like go and see scary movies... They are the worse kind... You know cause they are SCARY!!!! I am slightly interested so I'll read it on that way I know what happened with out all the scary burned into my head... :P

  6. lol ok and i'll tell you in detail if i haven't blocked it all out yet :)


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