new york, i love you

if i may be honest and frank, books and movies have been boring as heck lately. yeah, yeah there's been some moderately entertaining ones but nothing great that's left me feeling changed and brand new, madonna "like a virgin" style. that is until i saw new york, i love you.

first of all i hadn't even heard of this joint but jersey, being an east coast lover for life, was hipped to the game. (anytime a dude that's a man's man approaches you with an offer to go see an indie luv flick you gotta jump.)

i went to my favorite place in the world, the arclight theater, and took my #13 seat. i fell in love after the first 5 minutes. without giving away anything the movie's basically a mesh of a bunch of luv short stories...and when i mean luv i mean EVERY kind of luv story--the good, the bad and the naughty.

the movie was so moving and interesting. it was intelligent, sexy, thought-provoking and different. i left the theater thinking i should move my little arse east. the city of new york was a luv beast in every story. for some reason i just don't think those stories could happen or work any where else in the world...uniqueness is beautiful.

i'm a single gal that doesn't necessarily dig being single. (understatement!) i avoid couple functions and situations that spawn tishy thoughts of loneliness. i share this disclaimer because it proves just how goooood the movie is. i was entranced. i was seriously glued to the stories. not once was my mind permitted to shift to my own pity party.

if your brain is craving a smart one then this is the movie to see. it gives your noggin all kinds of juicy fanciful stories to play around with, not to mention it employed every known actor in the universe. my girl crush, natalie portman, is in it and boy is her story a complicated goody.

see the flick. then call me up. this single gal loves to talk about LUV!

this is why i love the arc. they always feature awesome artists. if i won the lottery this piece would hang in my spot. it had texture and tiny cubes that protruded from the canvas. it stopped me in my tracks.

jersey found his aesthetic pull


  1. I've been saying FOREVER now... You are a secret NEW YORKER!!! You'll love it... I think you should take the leap east...

    New Yorker for life... lol

  2. lol i've always known i'd fit better on the east side of things but alas film was calling me to the sunny state.

    that could change soon enough. if it DOES happen, you'll be the first to know :)

  3. You should check out the original, which is about Paris: "Paris, je t'aime." It's really good!

  4. ooo la la! thanks liz! will do


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