my boo enables laziness

oscar junior and i have a very weird relationship. while i love him to death i get sick of his antics from time to time.

(in case you're wondering who the freak this boo is...the boo is my ipod.)

ole boy has a tendency to enable my laziness which isn't cool. that's not real luv man. i demand to be pushed out of my comfort zone. he allows me to spend WAY too much time on new and exciting playlists that i get tired of oh-so-easily. i should be shuffling. i should be listening to the 12,679 OTHER songs that currently are twiddling their thumbs waiting to be heard.

last night i roamed and came across some tunes i haven't listened to since my first year in california. ray lamontagne came up...some citizen cope came up...sigh mi i love thee.

while you think this would have motivated me to keep on participating in the random shuffle dance i'm now on a ray/citizen kick and just play the tunes over and over again.

shelter and drummers kick all day 'err day! i never learn...


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