live dangerously, try jellyfish

there are days where every little thing that happens is magic. the day can do no wrong and you just feel alive. you want to do, be, experience EVERYTHING. yesterday just happened to be one such day.

my new pal (we'll call her kiddo) asked me if i'd like to grab some sushi so we chose a random spot neither of us had ever been to and called it a date. we ended up at this place called hide in los angeles--a joint chillin in this tiny asian mecca of yummy restaurants down off the olympic/pico exit from the 405.

kiddo and i were giddy and chatty as heck so we sat down and made a pact to be daring and try something new. we both love sushi so we figured we couldn't go wrong...boy were we mistaken.

i had the brilliant idea to try jellyfish. (the fact that i associate jellyfish with poison should have deterred me from such nonsense but once i decide i'm daring not even poison can stop me) we tell the sushi chef what we want and he asks us if we're sure (clue #2). we say yup and out it comes...bitter, weird, fishy as i don't even know what nastified jellyfish. we made valiant efforts by chewing and then swallowing that monstrosity but neither of us went for seconds. (lots of green tea followed.) if you go there, stick to the spicy tuna rolls yo.

we high-fived our bravery and agreed to hit up yogurtland as a consolation prize (and for palate cleansing). my mix consisted of strawberry, vanilla, cheesecake, green tea and s'more yogurt with strawberry, kiwis, mango and blueberries sprinkled on top. how do you say "mmmmm" in mandarin?

the jellyfish wasn't a favorite but the fact that i could sit in a tiny little restaurant with a gang of people, eat crazy terrible food and STILL have a blast talking into the night with kiddo says a lot.

magic does that to ya. it dulls the bad stuff and brightens the good stuff. heck, i still have phantom jellyfish taste in my mouth and i'm sitting here glowing. if that ain't magic i don't know what is.

don't be fooled by the cute little roll. this thing packed some major icknastiness.

i kind of fell in love with the place. this ceiling spoke to me. it said, "you have entered a happy place where not even nastified jellyfish will smash your cloud nine euphoria."


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  2. lol i know right?! sigh...ash i tell ya. adventure doesn't always taste good.


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