hell on earth

so recently i went to target to pick up some frames for my lovely art project (see last post.)

as i sat in the line waiting to pay i noticed this man kept gawking back at me. finally he says hello and starts talking my ear up about target is evil for taunting folks to keep buying (so true). i laughed with him for a bit and politely accepted his number when he slipped it over. (note: the guy was older and so not my type but i didn't want to be mean.)

right as i'm wipping out my card to pay, his WIFE came over and stood in line with him. he turned towards her and pretended like he didn't just pull a shady. the woman behind the check out booth put her hand out, i slammed the number in her hand, she smiled at me (pity in her eyes) and then i walked out.

i went home and debated re-opening my match.com profile. this is the story of the single gal. i hate dating. i really do.

so yeah, while i debated this masochistic lunacy known as getting back in the saddle, i decided i'd at least set up my page. i uploaded pictures and the heifers from this site wrote back saying i couldn't use half of them because it wasn't me in the pictures. uh...every damn picture where my hair is down and i actually put on some makeup was rejected . what are they trying to say?!

yet another reason i hate dating. just when you think it can't get any worse the internet finds a way to diss you.

to match or not to match...sigh groan ugh


  1. WOW!!! I miss all the good shiz... I say MATCH!!! And write back to them and let them know you're a chameleon they can't try to peg you... lol

  2. eh match round 1 was so whack. lol i'm cheap. i don't wanna pay to hang with whack boys. lol


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