good hair, awesome crepes

i hate even typing that dang phrase but it's the title of the flick that b and i went to see last night so there you have it. (say this like the father from my big fat greek wedding)

what did i think of the movie? well it did a good job of being a documentary lol. i watched some black women on oprah bashing him for exposing their secrets, but i honestly felt like this was a film meant for black women to see and assess...and for that reason alone, i was not offended for those women bashers.
it was funny and informative at times but i felt like this beast needs more than 90 something minutes to cover. there is SOOO much to say about the topic of hair but good effort made by chris rock and his peeps.

b and i sat for about 5 minutes after the movie was over discussing the message of the film and what it meant for women and shockingly, what it meant for me even. i don't even wanna get into it with women that are surprised i was interested in seeing this film. don't wanna even go there!!! lol

we had a good time and we saw something entertaining. i'd say it was a darn good date night. we used our brains and we laughed our butts off.
after the flick we went to this cute little crepe place in burbank called crepe makers. i had this awesome banana strawberry dulce de leche crepe that had my eyes rolling back into my head. i got this lemonade/mint drink too. it was green. it tasted yummy. i was in heaven.

date nights are the best thing women ever invented : )

classic food shot: crepes as big as yo face!

b takes a bite out of crime

very frenchy


the best drink EVER!


  1. I think 90 min is more than enough time to discuss hair... Why do peeps feel there is a need to discuss hair... It's hair... Some peeps like theirs some don't... I still refuse to see the movie... lol So there :P

  2. that was definitely something we discussed. while you, b and i are ok with hair being a 'whatever' lots of women are paying a grand for their weaves and sacrificing their kid's meal tickets for the month. it's bananas!


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