the follow up

so last week i wrote a post concerning my battle with hormonees. (yes i'm deliberately spelling it that way for all those currently grammar twitching.)

yesterday i went to my hoo hoo doctor (his name is chow. how naughty) and told him what was up. when i mean i told him, i mean i TOLD him everything i had gone through. he listened and decided that it may not be my hormonees that are causing the craptastic days, but instead my thyroid.

(any mention of thyroids and i automatically picture someone with bulging eye balls and crazy mood other words, it scared me.)

having a possible explanation makes me feel a bit better though. i'm getting mad sleep and still waking up exhausted every day. it's starting to affect my runs and training so it's time to nip it. tests will be done 2 weeks from now and hopefully after all that my crack head goofiness returns and i'm back to shooting people in the arse with sunshine and energy. i miss the energy.

ride 'em cowgirl!


  1. I take a lot of pictures in a lot of places, but that's one I've never considered...


    Hope you get it figured out soon!

  2. (blushing)

    what can i say...i try to chill outside the norm whenever possible.

  3. Oh no. Not the dreaded stir-ups! That's hilarious. Makes me clench my privates tight just seeing that.

  4. lol...maybe this isn't the proper place to ask, but isn't clenching the hoo hoo muscles a good thing? didn't oprah tell us so?

  5. LOL! You're too much!



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