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it's no secret i'm a new luver of all things canadian. while i was in vancouver i caught wind of a fashion magazine called flare and i went nutso for a special anniversary edition that features all these awesome canadian women doing the darn thing.

one lady, jillian tamaki, is my new girl crush of choice. the canadian-born illustrator's work can be found in the new york times & the new yorker. (you know i'm partial to the times) but that's not why i love her. i dig the woman because of these two illistrations i found in the mag:

i don't know if you can peep the spread or not but jillian's portrait is on the left and it says, "the one with the favorite type of pen and the eye for detail." the right side is her cousin mamiko. her page says, "the word nerd with an ear for chatter." AND the cousin happens to be rocking green nail polish. yes, i'm an easy green floozie like that. anyone that throws green into the mix gets my heart.

(seriously...i didn't give my ex fiance the time of day until he showed me something with the word kiwi on it. luv ensued.)

these two pages have been delicately ripped out from the magazine and will soon find a spot on a wall in my room. if you dig the art, the two chicks have a graphic novel called skim. lets all girl crush on tamaki art!

i love my bootleg art finds...makes my heart go pitter pat and boy do i live for the pitter pat.

matted, framed and hung


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