fbg canada chic

i feel like i'm cheating on blog posts, but really a post is a post.

check out part deux of my lovely, amazing, totally wicked time in canada for the nike women's training summit. magic fbg link word for the day: canuck

sportin' my tuque...canada chic


  1. Breath taking you are.


  2. That tuque is so very you. And I'm loving your FBG Nike posts, you workout superstar, you!

  3. why thank you dawlings...

    it's the new hotness i've decided.

  4. And that is why peeps make fun of Canadians... Stop it

  5. no one makes fun of canadians you twit!

  6. Yahoo search results for Canadian jokes: 42,400,000 results for
    canadian jokes... I think my point has been made... lol Don't you ever watch South Park???? All they do is poke fun at Canada... I think you need to watch more tv everyone makes fun of Canada... You just haven't received the memo... Not that I'm saying it's nice to make fun of Canada I have a crazy aunt that lives there... lol I really do... I 'm just saying allot of peeps do...


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