home sweet home.

before i slam into my pillow and call it a night i figured i'd give another update on life in canada. i was so sad this morning packing everything up. saying good bye has never been one of my strengths so you can imagine the drama queen moment i had when the hotel called at 6 am to wake me up.

i made the most of the time i had though. after working out this morning with the nike olympic athletic trainers (aka fitness devils) i had some free time to hang with new friends. we set out on foot to walk around gas town--this enchanting area of vancouver.

gas town is great. the roads are cobblestone. the shops are unique and different and the people are friendly as heck. (all canadians are nice i've decided. they pump happiness into the air there.)

it was a blast hanging out with my two newbies. samia and felicia are beyond description. if i had to try, i'd say they're more than intelligent--they're fascinating. they're edgy, very east coast, very awesome, very original and hella hilarious. i cracked up the entire time because here we are, a fitness blog chick, a sneakfiend chick and a fashionista (FOR REAL fashion guru) walking our way through a new city while laughing our heads off.

have you ever gone into a really high-end fashion boutique in jeans and a t shirt and gotten "the look" that is supposed to let you know you don't belong? well i was getting that left and right today but ms samia would walk into these places, drop her name and business card and have shop peeps drooling for more. i had to sit back and admire really. the chick mentioned french vogue and i knew then they were in a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL than ms tishy. then ms. felicia--the sneaker aficionado--gave me some shoe scoops and promised to school my behind on the finer art of sneakers. it was "bring a deprived fashion soul to work" day i swear.

these chicks love fashion, clothes and shoes. it was addicting as heck to observe. they look at fashion as's their passion. it's a far cry from the girls we hear about on tv that view fashion as a stepping stone into high society. i was diggin being in their presence.

as for me, i found some things for the luvs of my life as well as a jade bangle. ya'll don't know how long and how hard i've looked for a dang jade bangle that was under $250. i had a green-loving teary moment.

we walked into the hotel just in time for my driver to scoop me up for the airport. i said quick good byes to the gals and the nike people and loaded up. the whole trip back was one big sad dream. it went by so quick. just this morning i was sitting in THE most amazing hotel with THE most amazing people eating great food and sweating it out with the best of 'em. (my partner for some of the work out happened to be an editor from elle magazine.) this partnership led to us become short-time buddies at the airport until we boarded. it's amazing who you meet and what you'll learn from them in the process. she gave me some great new york work out suggestions...

i got schooled today by terrific ladies. if that could happen every day i think i'd be the happiest tish in the world.

p.s. i've been talking with j a lot about possible story ideas based off of this trip. be on the lookout for a couple of stories from my canadian nike adventures on fitbottomedgirls.

until then, i'll just be drooling over the adventure i just had...letting it all sink in.


  1. So glad you had such a wonderful time! :)

  2. :) me too!

    so much to discuss with you ladies! i've got some east coast goodies for you by the way.


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