early christmas gift

i had a hard, no BRUTAL, workout yesterday.

i have been oh-so-sore from the 5 day workouts and running six miles when you're already sore is never pretty.

by the time i got home my body was a stiff, dead, barely moving broke down machine. i robot-walked my way into my apartment complex and prepared for total collapse. that is until i noticed the bulge under my welcome mat. (and it wasn't just happy to see me.)

oh happy day! a gift for me?! what could it be?!

i forgot all soreness and pushed my way inside, ripped open the package (like ralphie from a christmas story) and what to my wondering eyes did appear but joy in book form...IT CAME!!! IT CAME!!! (grinch reference if you're not savvy with your christmas flicks...)

THE book. THE pictures that i seriously gawk over and luv luv LUV from the blog i worship worship WORSHIP. sigh...i will spend the weekend hugging this lovely thang to death...and of course cracking it open.

best christmas present EVER!

(christmas gift made possible by Santa)


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