something has happened to my inner couch potato. as a child i could recite the tv guide schedule for the night. i could hip my parents to what was on, when it was on, and if it was a repeat. it was a gift and i was obsessed with the boob tube.

then, unexpectedly, i developed a rare case of tv a.d.d. and my world tragically changed. i was never the tv snot that bragged that i didn't need nor want cable. i actually dig tv and movies.

(um, i kinda wanted to be an actress because of my incessant tv/movie watching.)

so yeah, i'm a bit disheartened that i start to twitch after 10 minutes of sitting down in front of the tele.

my favorite shows are sitting in my dvr queue piling up, wondering why i don't love them anymore and i don't know what to do. i have tv guilt if i delete, but i just can't sit me arse down. sigh...the internal battle rages ever on. sorry actor's studio. sorry project runway. it's not you. it's me.

the tv won the battle last night though.

my dear cousin started reading my blogs recently. (this would be my cousin who in past years was more of a big brother type of guy. i followed him around and hung on his every word like any kid looking up to their hero would.) he caught on that i'm big on sports, big on talking tv, big on talking movies so he recommend i peep out a show on espn called e:60. my inner groupie came rushing back and i hopped right on recording that puppy. recording is the easy part though...

i sat in front of the tv last night--pacing back and forth, wondering if i could hit the play button. an hour long show?...gulp. i did it though. the fact that cuz took the time to recommend a show (sans girl soap opera crap) was enough to quiet my inner a.d.d. spaz.

i'm glad crackhead tish took a chill pill because the show was pretty frickin awesome. this particular episode featured a volleyball player who lost her eligibility to play ncaa sports, carmelo anthony (someone i've had beef with ever since his stupid syracuse team beat my precious alma mater in a final four boo boo), a baseball player with a rare case of locked-in syndrome, and a small three minute feature on a race they do in maine called wife carrying. i was glued to the tube ya'll. i cried. i laughed and i learned something new about "caramello" that didn't leave me butt twitching in a corner, re-living the moment he knocked wayne simien to the ground and didn't offer a hand back up. (can we say still bitter?)

i wouldn't necessarily say i'm cured of my a.d.d. weirdness. i tried to watch an episode of rachel zoe, made it 30 seconds before i wigged the heck out and shut the darn thing off. just one show at a time i guess...

a special thanks needs to go out to my cuz though. at least now there's hope for this one-time tv junkie...trying to find her way back home.

cuz is on the far right obviously not caring that the other guys are sweatin' me
over the years he's come around though

circa tishy's chubby face years apparently: me & the cuz


  1. I am very disappointed in you... You don't just quit family... It's just not right. What has TV ever done to you? You are a very cold woman Tish... I will hold TV while it sobs and comfort it with the fact that I actually ALMOST got emotional when the cable guy FINALLY hooked up the cable in my bedroom... Watching TV downstairs isn't the same... I missed the intimacy... Don’t judge me…

  2. lol no i'm jealous! i'm trying to get back to that obsesso status lol

  3. LMAO did she just call TV family? Gangsta Mom is pretty funny. Hey, I just ordered a new DVR for my living room so I don't have to carry my box on the other side of the door (Ghetto Fab!). And oh, I will now have extra storage space for all of the shows I can't record on my bedroom DVR. Tivo heaven!


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