the downfall of sun

it finally happened.

i woke up one fine morning and it was cold outside. i watched football and smelled fall in the breeze. i think that's my favorite moment of the year. when i can smell the leaves and i can smell football seasons and i can smell brisk.

la is infamous for its lack of seasonal changes. i felt blessed that i got to have my day of fall.

i'm diggin long sleeved shirts and pumpkin latte spiced drinks taking over iced coffee mornings.

ahhhh thank you mama nature. THANK YOU!

for all you twitterpatted on a monday...i give thee a list of songs that have me hugging myself:

(warning: they're beautiful but some a bit sad...i kinda dig emotional bits)

whimsy playlist from ipod:

  1. tsunami by res
  2. all is love by karen o and the kids
  3. how deep is your love by the bird and the bee
  4. polite dance song by the bird and the bee
  5. light your touch by zeep
  6. dream by priscilla ahn
  7. i'm a broken heart by the bird and the bee
  8. by your side by cocorosie


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