a different world

so i boarded a plane and scooted north to vancouver. that was the easy part.

the hard part was calming my nerves lol. i was so excited and so cool chill about this whole trip. the minute i got off the plane and saw different languages up on screens and signs pointing to customs i wigged out a bit. that's when it hit me that i was doing something HUGE and totally wicked cool.

there were big screens everywhere advertising the winter olympics...people running with the torch and crying. i swear i started choking up in the customs line. i tried to get the customs lady to bond with me for a bit but she didn't much care that this was my first time. one poo point.

so now i sit at a glorious hotel in downtown vancouver, post summit dinner. i had shrimp served off a platter that was sitting in a bath of ice. i've met some cool women that had me yapping about everything and anything under the sun. the ladies are from different magazines & internet sites like elle,sparkpeople.com, shape, nike, teen vogue (you know i drooled a bit, right?) i've met fashionistas (serious fashion) fitness gurus, swimming coaches lol you name it, i've met her.

the next couple of days are gonna be interesting. i was so intimidated by all these fabulous, chic, intelligent, successful women initially. by the end of the evening we were all laughing and kicking back and discussing plans to go to punjabi town and where to shop in a, b and c city. that was just two hours...imagine what will happen after a full day with these gals.

cool chicks combined with internet access combined with experiencing something new and learning mucho has me in a kid-like daze. i hope i never get sick of stuff like this. i really do.

i will now go frolic in my princess bed of joy.

side note: if you google in the great land of canada there's an extra option at the bottom that reads "pages from canada". i'm in another world.

side note #2: pictures are coming. i forgot the adapter at home. classic tish move.


  1. Network like hell on behalf of your career. Kick arse and take names...and numbers...literally.

    Oh yes...remember to have fun!

  2. :) It's impossible not to. These women are great & totally inspiring.


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