destination canada


later this afternoon dear readers i will be in canada. a small part of me will immediately start to crave fries with vinegar and words like "abote".

mo (aka my mom) sent me an email last night saying she's proud of me for doing this. i'm kind of proud of me too. it's hard being a single gal sometimes. you always hear your married friends yapping about how being single is great because you can go here and there at the blink of an eye but the nitty gritty reality is i don't really country hop at the onset of a blink. well, that is until now :)

i'm going to canada! i get to FINALLY use my leftover money from my last canadian adventure (i think i was 10 the last time we went as a fam bam.) i've been saving the damn thing for YEARS lol. i'm gonna explore the city as much as i can. i'm gonna meet great new people and i'm gonna rock the heck out of my writing endeavors.

i've got my tape recorder, a note pad, my laptop and some major kiwi power to boot. i'm ready. i can't wait to share some awesome stories.

ready to get this show on the plane! i'm coming back a new chick. be on the look out, eh!


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