carrie acceptance

if i can deny something i will.

i am a firm believer that denial is indeed a river in egypt and i float on it in my imagination daily.

for YEARS i have denied that i am "a carrie". if you're not hip to sex and the city's characters then you're probably gonna scratch your head in bewilderment. (or roll your eyes at me and secretly dream of kicking me in the arse.) i will try my hardest to refrain from alienation.

so this chick with curly hair (see... you can see the similarities without having watched the show) has weird and crazy dating stories and a slew of dudes she dates that happen to mimic guys i've dated in the past. it's almost uncanny. i've got a big. i've got a pork-pie hat dude. i write this charming little blog (it's charming damn it!) i even have a red-headed best bud.

for years buds would tell me i was pulling a carrie...that i was SO carrie...and my bottom rump would twitch the theme song to the show. after awhile the twitching became painful and i decided to give this carrie comparison a looksie. so there are some similarities...i mean every single gal that's dated probably has felt like a carrie at one time or another. while i'm still not sure i'm a total carrie (i have no fashion sense whatsoever) i can no longer deny my my fan luv levels any more.

my gal pal, lex, called to tell me she had played host to sarah jessica parker's kid at his birthday party. (of course sjp would throw a party at a bookstore! wuv...sweet wuv) the minute sjp's name slipped from lex's lips i let out a blood curdling (almost teeny bopper-jonas brothers-worthy) scream that left those in the cars to my right and left wondering if their hearing would ever find them again.

at that moment it became oh so clear that i was a fan and i could float down denial's rippling waves no longer.

i luv her and her character like a sailor loves to cuss. i admit it. curlie hair chicks with bad dating records should luv one another. we're a random weird breed. after my random outburst of fan-ness i can no longer deny my inner semi-stalker admiration...

hi. my name is tish and i luv carrie. hi tish...


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