brain leaks


that cold i had left me looking like a leper in the desert so i decided to go to my favorite place in the whole world (origins) for some liquid love.

there's this awesome moisturizer called make a difference that makes your face feel like butta. i went up to the mall thinking i was only purchasing this ish but i was tired and week and mahza, the origins sales woman from hell, was in my face like whoa so i bought this white tea serum too that goes under the skin before the moisturizer. hmph. if my face doesn't feel like a baby's arse by the end of the week mahza's gonna have some splainin' to do! i swear they know how to really prey on the weak and dry.

video whisperer

so i wasn't really feeling like watching my current netflix pick (spellbound) so i skipped on down the street to my local friendly blockbuster to grab something stupid funny. i picked up year one because it features not one, but two of my future baby daddies. i got up to the checkout counter and the chick working shouted out "lame!" and then proceeded to go on about how dull and stupid the movie is and how i shouldn't get it. actually she pretty much demanded that i not get it. so i got zack and miri make a porno.

the whisperer said nothing. i watched it. it was giggle worthy but not a knee slapper by any means.

aprons rock

last night i made spaghetti with turkey meatballs, green beans and garlic bread yumminess. it's fun to cook every once in awhile but the ish is magical when done in an apron. i felt like the chick from like water for chocolate. one green bean and you'll fall in love with the first person you see. either that or turn green with envy over my mad cooking skills. (...and the bad jokes just keep on coming.)


  1. I'm absolutely INFATUATED with your positivity and the way you seem to be able to pull happiness from the smallest things. I can see why you have such good friends, who are willing to help you in life. Positive people deserve other positive people.

    Cooking with an apron on does give you a different feeling in the kitchen doesn't it? Makes you feel like a top notch chef, even if you're only stirring Kool-Aid. Lol! Continue to make lemonade of lemons my blogging friend. : )

    -Anonymous Yoda Buddy

  2. yoga buddy you're back! : )

    you say the BEST stuff...i tell you what.

    lemonade for life!


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