brain leaks

a good night

yesterday a good night consisted of kicking off my flats, grabbing a red sharpie marker, plopping my body in front of the tv, watching a new show i recorded called eastwick and jotting down comments for a friend's book she's writing.

call me crazy (seriously, call me a loon. i won't cry.) because there are times when if i don't leave my cave-of-an-apartment i think i'll seriously check myself into a special house where people wear white hospital gowns. then there are other moments--moments similar to last night--when i like nothing more than my own company and some chill toy to occupy my brain. (toy = tv, book, or writing utensil...get your heads out of the gutter...jeez)

i plead the right to be insane.

cool points

i think i'm infatuated with twilight in a cool way--not the freaky, "i wear braces and scream for dudes to bite me" way at all. while i WILL be seeing the next flick opening weekend for sure, i won't be going opening night because the sound of prepubescent girls giggling and sighing in perfect unison makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. the fact that i can wait, semi-patiently, makes me cool. the fact that i almost had a hissy and a half attack when nordstroms sent me this email does not diminish my cool factor but definitely questions it a tiny bit. dude! i know i shouldn't...but i wanna buy. i wanna buy SOOOOO BAD. (biting strong tish)

the dance

over the years i've had many a "dude bud" and i always try to school them on the ways of women but i'm only one girl. i can only do so much. this fact was made painfully obvious yesterday while i was picking up my tuna salad sandwich over my work lunch. i see this brutha man in a suit, who is obviously feeling himself in the suit and because he's feeling himself in his nifty duds he forgets the cardinal rules of the dating dance. when you look at a chick and she looks at you, pauses, looks down or sideways BUT then looks back within 5 seconds, you're in! she's yours dude! you got her!

BUT if you look at her, she looks at you and then immediately flips that neck to pretend like she never EVA saw yo face...then step away brutha. it wasn't meant to be. maybe she needs something out of that area. maybe she's curious that some dude may or may not have been checking her out...this may cause her to look back but this in no way shape or form means she digs you. if she immediately turns away and does not make eye contact with you in that given 5 seconds or less, move on...walk towards the "she ain't the one" light and do you.

sigh...the suit kept staring so of course i had to look back to figure out why the dufus was gawking. i was with my girl fortunately and when i could tell he was deliberating on whether or not to mosey on over i made sure to make it look like i was never looking at him at all. i directed my friend to an item close to him, talked about it for a bit, then turned back around. she probably thought i was crazy for admiring the sushi like i did, but what ev. a gal will use any and all avoidance techniques in order to avoid a dude who obviously never learned how to dance.


  1. HAHAHA at the dude! poor you! and I totally agree - a night in once in a while will do anyone good.

    and even though I hate twilight with a burning passion, I'm glad you're not one of those psychopath fans like most of the ones I've met

    how's the training coming? dude I'm leaving for the uk tonight!!!!

  2. oh bella safe travels!!!

    training was like this last night. ran my 9...almost died. the end :)


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