bra burner bitch slap

while many women have shattered the proverbial glass ceilings caging them in, some of us still fall prey to society's rules and regulations for the hoo hoo gender. (that be girls folks...)

from a small age, women are taught their beauty is most important--their brains, second at best. we must love pink. dumb is cute. we do not enjoy science and math. we bat our eye lashes at the softer things in life like teddy bears and flowers. we cry. we are programmed for someone else to eat, live, breath and open the car doors for us...and most importantly, we dream about and idolize the day we marry our prince charming and live happily ever after.

i personally was a cute little tomboy nerdo that dug the color green. i was never down for the dumb bit. i dug science and math, went to leadership conferences...i loved to bust some ceiling, BUT, i like some gals, always had starry eyes for the big dub...(weddings folks!)

my girl b and i were joking on the phone about the guys in our lives. (her present
one, my pretend one.) we were laughing over male reactions to the engagement ring commercial. without fail every man in america will start to sweat once these dreaded commercials come on.

your girl isn't even looking at your punk behind and you're getting nervous. you're yelling, "WHAT?! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?!" and your girl looks at you like you just asked her to pull your finger.

our men freak the heck out because they know there's a little demon-dreaming wedding chick in us...and they'd be freaking out for good reason. their butts are twitching because of the photo to the right even...hee hee. it's considered cruel if i realize this, correct?

b and i laughed at the expense of these poor souls and then we had to laugh at ourselves because not even five seconds later, we were on a damn site i had found that currently houses my dream wedding dress. (yes, even me--miss anti-ceremony girl--has a "just in case" dress lined up.) it didn't stop there either!

we immediately moved on to the tiffanys web site where we oohed and ahhed over ridiculously over priced rocks. the funny thing is, we both agreed we'd be totally cool with bands. we sucked our teeth at a local news story involving a gal who secretly got her stupid ring appraised behind her fiance's back and then we admired tiffany's legacy ring starting at a stupidly insane amount of money.

apparently you can take the pink out of the little girl, but you just can't take the girl out of her white poofy dress.

i was hesitant to write this post. i try to closet the inner girlie girl as much as possible but i think there's a point in any gal's life where they have to take the stigma forced upon them and flip the script...(secretly i just took the red pill instead of the blue pill, kicked the rabbit and said bite me. just keepin it real...)

yeah, yeah, yeah...i get that there are tons and tons of chicks who never once dreamed of their wedding day. i said "SOME" on purpose ya'll...i don't wanna hear any rants and raves along the lines of "you've generalized me. go burn your bra in punishment!" stuff.

i'll invoke my inner virginia woolf and send you to a room of your own. word to your mother...sisters...aunties...wives...(just sayin.)


  1. This blog put a subtle smile on my face, and it stayed there for a long time. Your words were right on! I think the World does kind of stereotype all women. I was never the one dreaming of marriage as child though. I'll embrace real love when it finds me, and it will. ; )



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