a bib break down

so i don't know how a fashion misfit and a fashionista diva from the land of fashion perfection become best buds but it happened. to this day, i still scratch my head and wonder how the heck we've sustained our friendship after conversations like this:

b: oh wait, don't sit down you're sitting on something.

(i move my buttocks so she can pull object from my rump)

t: what the heck is that?! jay's halloween costume?

b: no foolio, it's a bib.

t: a wha?!

b: a bib!!! it's a necklace.

t: who wears a bib, b?!

b: they're the new trend. they're fabulous!

i told her i was going to post this conversation and the following conversation ensued:

Tish [3:52 PM]:
ahhh i'm so writing about you tomorrow by the way

B [3:52 PM]:
lol..about whaaa lol

Merritt, Tish [3:52 PM]:
our "bib" conversation

B [3:52 PM]:
oh lol

B [3:52 PM]:
and by the way at least 5 women at the big mall complimented the bib
B [3:53 PM]:
so hmph, its pretty cute, my baby bib lol
B [3:53 PM]:
its not how i envisioned it, but it will do..I wanted to make one lol

Merritt, Tish [3:54 PM]:
you are a spaz!

we're SO the odd couple. who else is wearing bibs?! who decided grown women should wear them?! these are questions i must get to the bottom of. the great & infinite fashion divide between b and i depends on this.


  1. If B starts wearing a onesie I can no longer associate with either of you... lol

  2. ha! why i gotta be associated with her weirdness?!

  3. As a matter of fact, I pulled out my onesie just this morning, its just hades trying to go pee in that sucker. Babyphat can take some tips from me ;)


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