BEE-licious o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d

i'm just bee-tastic apparently because i unconsciously chose a book and a movie about spelling bees. the signs all point to word luv i guess.

the book, _bee season_, wasn't word wonderful unfortunately. it took me three months to finish
that ish and once i reached the end i was left scratching my head wondering what the heck kind of devil's lettuce the author was smoking. i'm so sad that books aren't doing what i need for them to do lately. i need an author who's laced the pages of their book with literary crack so that i can't put the durn thing down. that's what i want!

spellbound was a horse of a different color though. it was hilarious and totally entertaining. because i am a nerd i can say this: those kids were nerd-licious. they were nerdier than nerdy in the most interesting kind of way. i had fun playing with my inner geek and watching these kids pull words out of their mouths like a hockey player spits teeth.

fyi...i won my 5th grade spelling bee. then when i went to the city bee i got out on admirer. sigh...i hate that word now. absolutely hate it. maybe that's why i don't have one :)

origin of movie referral?

that recommendation came from this nerdy cool comedian i went on a couple of dates with months ago that i probably never blogged about because he was neither terrible nor stick-with-worthy.

ah... the upsides to bad dating. gotta l-o-v-e it.


  1. I actually read Bee Season a few years ago and kind of liked it! It was way bizarre...but I thought kind of fascinating. Maybe it was because I was a psych major, but that girl's family was pretty messed up!

    Emily and I watched Spellbound a few years ago to...nerd-o-riffic is right! :)

  2. my cousin seemed to like it too. i find myself talking about it a lot so it was definitely good for discussion's sake. weird is a good word to describe that fam lol

    loved the boy from spellbound that nerd laughed and kept making weird faces at the mic. lol...had me tickled green.

  3. Bea Season... BOOO... The Secret Life of Bees... THUMBS UP!!!!!

  4. you're right! now THAT was a great book!


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