10 mile melee

life has really tested my marathon training as of late. every excuse not to run has come up.

today i expected to come back and transition into work peacefully...it being friday and all but nooooo. my days like to test me and laugh as i punk out in front of my computer. i found out a big project of mine went buck buck bad and because this project went buck buck bad the team i work with decided i should be the one to stay late and also come in saturday to work from 7:30 am until whenever i can get this crap corrected. my heart morphed into a giant tear drop.

not only is working saturdays getting old quick, it's also craptastically altering my running schedule. if i don't pump those runs out saturday morning i'm basically screwed so i sucked it up. decided i would finish my long friday work day out and head over to the gym to run my 10.

the first 4 miles were terrible. i kept thinking about the two current stresses in my life and i wanted to cry so bad. the feeling was right there in my chest, moving to my throat but i was so off on my breathing that i couldn't muster the tears. (this was the first time inconsistent breathing was a good thing. who wants to be the cry baby weirdo at the gym?!)

the last 6 miles for some reason were spent appreciating the run's power over my pity party. i started thinking of solutions to my problems. then i started listing all the current things i'm grateful for and things started looking up. i ran those 6 slow but steady. my body started aching terribly...my muscles started stiffening, the knees throbbing, but i knew walking would hurt more than running so i kept going.

you know you've entered a funky fitness state when it hurts more to walk than run!

i worked out some serious crap on that treadmill. i left some major sad chaos on that machine and walked away (painfully) with a lighter heart. fitness really is the cure for the common crushed spirit.


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