a wedding witness

it’s almost cliché to discuss the angst of the single girl going to the wedding.

it’s almost scary to discuss the single girl going to her youngest sister’s wedding but that wasn’t really ever an issue for me. some where deep in the calm of me I was always comfortable with an going first.

i like the idea of someone protecting her and looking after her so it made sense to hop on a plane and watch the baby of the fam marry the guy that makes her smile stretch to extreme proportions.

the wedding weekend overall was a HUGE success. (i fully recommend all bridezillas calm the freak down and take my sister’s approach) she just wanted to get hitched. she removed all pretentious thoughts of “traditional” and went with her and her now hubby’s intuitions about what a celebration of love should look like. (this included her going down the aisle barefoot. she is my shero.)

we had a kick arse bachelorette party that involved meeting bridesmaids that have been email pals for months, drinking spirits (wink wink) and laughing & crying our little eyes out over stories of the bride and groom. i met my new sisters (in our fam when you marry one of us…you marry our whole fam!) and my new brother.

the big day was the best though. while my sister was cool, calm and collected, i scurried about doing make up and hair, helping my dad avoid social embarrassment by walking down the aisle in a short sleeved dress shirt (why do they still make those?!) and basically keeping my sister from worrying about all the little nuances that make weddings stressful but funny. (and with my cooky family the nuances are plentiful)

the ceremony was awesome ya’ll! my sister and brother-in-law had the awesome idea to have the entire wedding party dance down the aisle to the cool tunes of daft punk. we all had signature dance moves. my sis and the maid of honor (aka captain of the bridesmaids because he’s a dude and that’s just a really cool name) and i danced down the way together. we did the classic “brush the pimp’s shoulders off” routine...in church.

my dad twirled an down the aisle and then busted a move with her at the end. their moves had the WHOLE church screaming with cheers (my dad is usually quite shy and reserved…he pretty much never makes any sudden movements so watching him twist with the bride was pretty frickin awesome)

the bride and groom said their vows and even got in some laughs over my sister’s refusal to say “i place this ring” since her hubby has a tattoo ring instead of the traditional kind.

THE best moment of the whole darn ceremony though…wait for it…drum roll please. my grandmother digging thru her purse frantically as her cell phone went off. the preacher finally asked her to shut the darn thing off (quite perturbed he was!) and this public scolding resulted in my grandma shouting out “oh shit!” in church! IN CHURCH people!!! ha! and my mom calls me a heathen lol. now THAT is a nuance that i expect from my fam. best story EVER!

back to the sweet stuff though. i totally cried. i mean i never promised i wouldn’t. i saw my bro’s brother lose it and so i lost it and then i saw his sister lose it and i lost it even more. the only time i wasn’t crying was when i noticed the preacher had a kindle instead of a Bible. (cool and progressive don’t ya think?) it distracted me for a good 3 minutes.

after the ceremony we all hung out casually, took some pictures and then headed over to this awesome space that an and stephen worked at during college (where they met actually) for the reception. old school tunes like “at last” and “fly me to the moon” bellowed out amongst the minglers. they opted for a pot luck which turned out to ROCK and the mood was set. people casually walked about and connected with new and old friends. i stayed close by my cousin and best friend’s side for most of the evening crying and laughing with the two about our little an.

it was a perfect wedding for a perfect youngest sister. those are the kinds of weddings that make one hopeful and content. being a part of a couple’s celebration is a special cool thang my friends. when the couple is true and lovely something magical happens to all those in attendance. it’s inspiring to boot!

i thank the new couple, stephen and andrea, for filling my heart with the good stuff.

the sisters

the captain of the bridesmaids took his job seriously

the bride prepares

the cool crowd

my dates


  1. I love how them everything was. It really was beautiful and fun. A true celebration of who they are and their love. :)

  2. i feel like their wedding was similar to yours in the sense that they truly made it their own. that's how people felt after leaving yours too my dear :)

  3. very cool ode to your sis! I love how your sister made it your own! You gotta do it that way. Stick with the traditions you love and throw out the rest!

  4. I'm glad the wedding went well! The photos are fab <3 I loved that she walked down barefoot. Weddings seriously need to be a lot less stressful

  5. i couldn't agree more bella!!!

  6. Awesome! So happy for your sis and new fam members!

    My parents had a pot luck for their wedding, too and said it was the best food they've ever had at a wedding.


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