vitamin c in human form

i will never get sick of praising my friends for being awesome. if you searched the posts i've written over the years you'd probably learn that 90% of the durn things involve my buds. how i love them...heart, pitter, patter, sigh.

yesterday was the end of my energy, the beginning of sickness and the return of b. my girl has a lovely new guy in her life and so, as it should be, we're no longer up each other's asses like we once were. i understand it happens but that hasn't stopped me from missing the times we had together.

yesterday i started feeling a tickle in my throat. i went and worked out to try to knock the ick out but i think i just made it worse. by the time i got home i felt like pooh. i showered and cuddled up on my living room couch, totally prepared to die a happy contented night death when i heard a jiggling of keys.

i was spazzing out wondering who in the heck was interrupting my death when b popped through the door. i've never been so happy to see a friend. do you know this heifa came bearing gifts of hot green tea and juice? (i mean naked smoothie "well being" juice!) do you know she was wheeling in her stuff for the night, totally prepared to stay the night and gab with me to keep my spirits up? who does that? a true bud that's who!

we talked until i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and then we went to bed. i to my lovely bed and her to the lovely couch in my room. around 3 am i woke up in a cold sweat and i just KNEW i had H1N1 so i popped up in bed and said, "b! i think i have swine flu. you need to go home so you don't catch it." the woman rolled over in her sleep and said, "it's 3am in the morning broham. go back to sleep." i started giggling and layed back down.

b is great. she hushes any and all hypochondriac tendencies i may have and pops up right when i need a human being around the most. (being sick and alone is THE WORST!) i layed back down and after the beast left my lungs i fell back asleep.

i get by with a little help from my friends...they save me. they spoil me. they allow me to be the quirky weird person you read today. i honestly don't know where or what i would be without my darling buds.

i love you b!!! thank you for not allowing me to die in the night.

also shout out to jersey and j--my friends sure do know how to make a girl feel better!


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