toot talk

i'm not talking about the joy of discussing toots. i'm talking about the artful language of tooting. it's something i've been perfecting over the years but it went to a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL the other day when i was sitting in on a meeting.

i had to give an update on a little thing i like to call "project hella annoying". i gave my little spiel and then i ended my ish with a quick tooting sound.

yeah, you heard right. i said, "and that's it. (toot sound)." the folks in the room looked at me crazy and then started laughing under their breath. i smiled and the meeting carried on. afterwards, a chickadee approached me cracking up. i can tell ya one thing, this language can break down monotonous dull barriers. can french do that?!

when i walk in every morning i always toot talk to this guy that sits in my row. instead of a good morning he gets a double toot sound. sometimes if i'm nice i'll say, "that's hi and good morning in toot talk" and he'll shake his head and go about his work. i like to think it's something he needs in order to start his day right--a fresh and unique approach to an otherwise boring greeting.

i totally recommend some tootlage. be weird. it does a body good.


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