sunday school


some days i 'connect' a little better than others (some days i'm heathen incarnate) but when i'm in the presence of some spiritual moment without fail i will weep. my heart just splits open and tears come bursting out.

gangster mom invited me to church and i enjoyed being in the presence of people happy in their skins. i ran over the weekend and watched as jewish fathers and their sons walked early morning to celebrate and practice their faith. i couldn't help but see the theme of the weekend. it was all about witnessing some good in the world. eyes wide open, i soaked it all in and prepared myself for the lesson. (there's always a lesson.)

i've seen religion and faith everywhere this weekend. it's emotional to boot. like i've always said, i'm in love with being in's not just a couple thang my friends.

i watched the second part to oprah's whitney houston interview. i told you the first part was a joke but the second part had me in tears. faith in a higher power, faith in goodness, faith in each other...whitney got out there and sang her heart and out and when she started discussing the people in her life who said she was not meant to break i broke.

all faith and no tissue makes tish a very puffy-eyed but happy girl.


  1. That was too deep for a Monday morning read... And yes, I'm aware it was posted on Sunday... But you know I don't play on the internet until I'm at..... I think I've already said too much... lol


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