spoiled is subjective

i don't care who mentally wills that i receive eternal wedgies or blistering sunburns for this post. i post my truths and today my truth happens to be i'm sick of the damn sun.

yeah, i said it. i realize all those in middle earth are butt hurt over the amount of rain they've received. i'm butt hurt that they're butt hurt over glorious change. i'm butt hurt because i've been verbally abused and mentally kicked in the pants for wishing that droplets would fall my way. (i'm now happy though because i got to use butt hurt-my new happiness-five times in this post.)

i know i hate the snow & ice and all that jazz but that doesn't mean i can't also hate 350 days of stupid too bright really darn hot sun. it's hot! it's september and the other day i kid you not, i BURNED my fingers on my steering wheel. i couldn't use the darn things for 3 hours!!! who wants to live in an environment that packs that much heat?! not i!

i swear the next place i move to will have actual seasons. septembers will be real falls and not stupid summer days that didn't receive the memo that it's time to chill the heck out.

i leave you with one snippet of convo i had with my east coast twin concerning her disdain for my sun hatred. please pay special attention to her cruelty. sniff...

east coast twin: Yes. I likes my festivals. Gotta go to as many as possible. You see, we only have nice weather for part of the year. We don't have sunny days all the time. So we have to squish all our fun outdoor stuff into about four months. We can't all complain about sunny days all year long. :-)

me: You’re really never going to forgive me for hating the sun’s harsh breaths of death are you?

e.c.t: no

don't be surprised if the next place i move to boasts of rainy days. i miss grey. i really do.


  1. May I suggest KC? We got seasons like a mo fo!

  2. I hear you, I feel you, I KNOW what you mean. This hot, sunny ish can take a bloody hike. I want my fall back. I want some rain. I want crisp leaves to crunch under my feet, not because they've been charred by sun and heat and fires, but because it's getting too cold for them to hang on to the branches.

  3. thank you ms. b! WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!

  4. While you guys speak of the weather... I'm going to bask in the glory of your acceptance of the word BUTT HURT!!!!!!!!

  5. omg, you're really moving to seattle!!


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