i recently wrote the following: i'm watching the giants game & a documentary. i am nerd. i am sporto. i am sperd.

that's code for i don't play in corners. i tend to butt twitch when asked to sit in my box and play nicely with the cookie cutters of the world. basically i'm all for being flexible and liking whatever i so choose to like based on me, myself and i.

bree and i were just discussing this idea. we were sitting around watching tcm (turner classic movie channel) and there were these film snobs jibber jabbering about how silent films are the way to go. this part was cool but then they had to go and jack that ish up by hating on the latest star trek movie. hmph. why you gotta hate?

there are tons of folks out there like this in the world. there's film snots ("i only watch film noir. i wear black berets and i smoke long skinny cigarettes.i am beatnik. hear me nik a beat.") music snots ("i only listen to underground indie music. anything and everything on the radio is utter crap. i am angry. i am emo. my strategic bang is so oppressively perfect.") and of course book snots ("the classics are the only books worthy of existing on this planet. i love all things bronte and if someone ever suggests a book outside my meager box limits i will die a horrible and might i add gothic death.")

how lame is that?! how boring and claustrophobic. i'll take sperd for 500 please. i'll also take some gagger (geek + swagger). i'm allergic to limits. call me master t.

can i get an ughhhhhh na na na naaaa?


  1. number 1: great 'never' post a few days back. That happens to me all the time. I've learned to stop feeling like a hypocrite and just go with the flow, as we're just growing...

    number 2: boys suck

    number 3: THANK YOU. I hate snobs!! It's like fuck off and just enjoy life. It's not like I am like 'like everything,' it's just don't categorize everything and make people feel bad about what they like. Unless they like Twilight.


  2. lol...ah bella dem be fighting words. i'm a HUGE twilight fan. the other day i seriously considered buying a pillow with edward on it :) but i get your point ;)

    pooh on the snots of the world!

  3. While I'm not a sperd (not sure there is a word for what I am, though I'm sure you could come up with one), Huzzah! for sticking it to the snobs of the world. Your dead-on interpretations of said snobs crack me up. Huzzah for geeks without bias!

    BTW, do you have those quotes you were crackberrying down during our chats? I wanna put them in my quote book :)

  4. u got it sister! (luv the huzzah by the way)


    he'll be scared because i'm gonna be the one that scares him

    please don't talk about murder while i'm eating

    context read dirt

    i need to read a couple of blogs before i can form an opinion

    he is in the middle of brooding sweetheart. don't you know he's trying to become emo. (in reference to heathcliff in wuthering heights and that space cadet catherine)


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