pondering soul mates

i'm sitting here wondering if i can believe the ish j was feeding me today. she's reading some snazzy book about past lives and she thinks she has the current soul i'm dealing with figured out.

apparently in my last life i was some racist named billy bob russy. billy bob russy was whack and so when it was time to stand in line for his next life's path he was forced to choose one that would teach his sorry behind lessons he was incapable of learning then. that, i guess, meant he had to come back as a biracial single chick. (while she was telling me this i was SO visualizing jonah from sleepless in seattle telling his father the spiel about how tom hanks couldn't see that meg ryan was his soul mate because he wasn't pure of heart like jonah)

i'm gonna digest that one...i'm gonna chew on it a bit like billy bob russy would chew a piece of fat. i'm gonna try to figure out why my last soul person decided on putting me in this particular life. i'm lactose intolerant. did billy bob russy (say the full name always. he liked that.) hate his life on the dairy farm so much that he decided he'd do away with milk and some forms of cheese?

did he ask for big feet (wink wink) and forget that he MAY come back as a chick? did his wife nag him to the point he wished for a horrible next life filled with craptastic solo days, months, years? what the freak did i do to billy bobb russy?! better yet what did his trick of a wife do!? even better question than that--which person has she come back as in my current life so that i can smack her around a bit! (i haven't learned a darn thing.)

he never got attached to the dog that risked its life for him during the duck stampede of '42...therefore i attach myself to every damn object that comes across my path. i name everything. EVERYTHING. i'm currently typing on george, my handy dandy laptop.

i do like some of the stuff j was droppin though. apparently my Godchild was close to me in my last life as well as j herself and the people in my close circle. i don't know why i was the one that got to pull people along..i mean why couldn't the dog decide to pull me in? what if someone didn't want to have a darn tootin' thing to do with me this time around? there's lots of questions j.

lucy, you got some splainin to do! (billy bob russy translation: woman you better get 'er done and ya better do it dern quick or i'll have to make you sleep outside with the hogs again. now fetch me my pipe and scratch my balls the way papa likes it.)


  1. You took my ideas and fully ran with them. Obviously your soul has an active imagination. Fun, isn't it? :)

  2. Here's the book in case anyone is curious: http://www.amazon.com/Messages-Masters-Tapping-into-Power/dp/B002NSLMXG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254243596&sr=8-5.

  3. You and J need to set the peace pipe down and back away with your hands up...

  4. g.m. you know you wanna get on the free spirit band wagon...hater.

    as for you j...lol. thanks for the material. i will read your durn book.


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