plan z

this one is for all the single ladies out there.

i'm forever the chick who meets the dudes that are forever texting and trying to act interested but really aren't so much. my frustrations with being this type of chick escalated today when above kinda boy texted and gave me some weird lame excuse as to why he always has to be in the business of annoying me.

sigh. i got up from my desk. i calmly (ok not so calmy) walked over to my pals ian and ev and voiced my concern with stupid boys. i told ev i didn't like boys and would enjoy kicking every last one of them in the piss pump (ian cowered away from me).

i then took this discussion to my two best buds and told them if boys were still acting like fools come my birthday month i'd call up their favorite ex and propose. i call it plan z. they didn't seem amused by plan z. b actually asked if it could be a plan zz. i'll keep you posted on that one. j swears i promised her i'd never call or contact this boy again. i'll consider this promise i made to her. i admit i've said he's boring in the past and we don't have ISH to talk about least the dude digs him some tishy. if ole girl from crazy love can take back the dude that blinded her maybe i could stand some boring...

how would a girl propose to a dude by the way?


  1. I think you should play like Wile E. Coyote and go back to the old drawing board....

  2. come on G.M. you could be a LITTLE more gangsta...

  3. aight...aight. so i'm receiving kind and gentle feedback from friends that this is the most terrible idea ever. sigh...

    for all those plan z haters i'm coming to live with you when i'm old and spinsterly...i'm taking rotation schedule proposals now.

  4. Lol… Well I have tons of kids so you might want to keep me on the reserves… I her spinsters are not child friendly… lol

  5. that only applies to spinters who have willingly chosen that path. i'm going kicking and screaming like a banchee!

    all that to say, i love kids. get my bed ready trick.


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