the passport had a deeper purpose

i bet ya didn't know that inanimate objects had purpose...

many moons ago my agent called me, screaming in the phone that i was going to be THE new model for this beer company that i will never name publicly. she had me booked on a plane to mexico in four days...all expenses paid, a lovely contract and money money money money MUH-KNEE (money...sing it!) i'd be shooting at this awesome location...i would have basically been the poor man's version of naomi campbell. don't hate.

then the bummer of all bummers came. she asked for my muther truckin' passport and you know i didn't have one. nooooo ...of course i didn't. why would a girl like me ever imagine she'd book a modeling job outside of the country right after the new border laws popped up? tish luck in full effect. i cried that weekend. i cried like someone stole my cupcake.

and now we twirl forward to sept 09. i, tish, lie in bed sickly and weak. i wonder if i'll make it. so sick. so frail. j pings me on g chat with an offer no lady with an itch to write could ever refuse. i will be a fit bottomed girl correspondent once again. but this isn't just any writing project she's given me. i will be covering nike's media training sum
mit. i will fly to canada. i will meet inspiring women. i will try out new nike gear. i will write my little heart out.

if it weren't illegal i'd make j divorce her dude and marry me. i seriously was just thinking that i'm stuck right now. i want to move. (both mentally and physically) i want new challenges, new jobs, new sites...but all of that rests on the shoulder's of my darling book so i'm pretty much stuck in the muck for a while. this lack of contentment made me antsy as heck. then j comes along and gives me just what my heart has been asking for. i get to travel and see something new. i get to escape from the life i'm uncomfortable with here. i get to meet cool new people and WRITE! I GET TO WRITE! mwahahahaha...

that passport wasn't for the durn beer shoot. i never wanted to be a model for pete's sake! it was just a way into acting. that shoot forced me to get the passport which is getting me on a plane to canada next week. i'm leaving the country (which i've wished for in my heart for months now.) i'm going alone. and i'm learning something new about the world and myself. wishes granted.

i'm glowing right now. it's like i've been jolted back to the land of living by one of those heart defibrillator thingy-ma-jigs.

it's so easy for me to get caught up in what's missing from my life. i forget how much is currently there and how flippin random and fantastic my life can be. these random moments save me. the world works in mysterious ways.

i humbly bow to this idea.


  1. That is so so SO great! Whee in Canada are you going, and can I hide in your suitcase?

  2. ah passports and visas are a pain! I finally got my visa yesterday and am now cleared to go to school in the UK (finally!!)

    have fun in vancouver love! <3


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