never, maybe, will do

wisdom comes with figuring out the moments you were wrong and admitting these oopses...without mentally wiggin out.

i'm kind of a fan of those that admit when they've made a mental boo boo. socratic ignorance is cool. i've always been a fan of challenging my preconceived nevers to elliminate a little something i like to refer to as pig-headed disease.

...and since pig heads are SO last year, i stand here today, ready to admit that i've said the word to a couple of things that i swore up and down would remain in the never category.

never list:

i said i would never, in a million kazillion years EVER wear skinny jeans. i wear the damn things almost every day now. i wear tights too. i think i came up with this never rule during my high school mascot years. yellow tights were tragic for a lanky chick let me tell ya.

i said i'd never be a work out warrior and here i sit making decisions like whether or not to give up yoga in order to make room for marathon training.

i said i'd never embarrass myself doing the sue (aka mom) dance while driving and i've been rockin' the snap, bite lip move for a straight minute now.

i said i'd never rock a blackberry. i named my little guy mikimoto. miki for short.

the french bird in that cartoon, an american tail, was right. never say never.

my belief system has been shook. debate logic is finally catching up to a sister...anything can be challenged.

the wisdom comes in knowing that you're a better person for the nevers you've reconsidered. why never? if you can't answer that tiny easy question with something cool or logical then get ready for a lot of will do in your near future.


  1. I'm still riding the "never" train on the skinny jeans. Just can't do it. Those of us with extra junk in the trunk will never find those flattering!! Only skinny minnies like you can wear skinny jeans and look good in them! :)

  2. ha! i used to pack mad junk in the trunk...then i found squats and lunges (totally a mistake) and it helped me rethink the skinnies.

    trust...never say NEVA!!!


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