twin luv

my Godchild (miss whit) just called me at work to tell me she was invited to a young author's conference. only two students from each class get to go and MY child was one of the brilliant, totally awesome, genius kids that was chosen.

i have a soft spot for writers...i can't lie. i have a pillowy cashmere-like feeling for my whit. top that with the fact that she loves to write, wants to be a writer and wants to attend ku-my alma mater-to make this happen...sniff. it brings tears to my eyes.

so i tell the kid i'm proud of her and her accomplishment deserves a gift. i ask her what could i possibly give her that would be worthy of the awesome writer she is. she told me i could get her a journal. i ask her what color and i kid you NOT...the little angel says, "could i please have a lime green one. it's my favorite color."

those that know me realize i'm fighting back tears right now

it's no secret who my favorite person in the whole wide world is. i think i could love her more than my own future kids. just saying...

for all those wondering where this lovely gift will come from...there's only one place that can create a "my Godchild is the most brilliant writer in the whole wide world" gift.

for all those eagerly wondering what lime green luv i will send...behold!!! THY GIFT.


  1. Wow... That's great... Your God Child must be awesome... Especially since she already figured you out enough to know that if she said she had the same off fav color as you she would get a better gift.... lol

    P.S. Yes, I know I'm bad... :P

  2. she sounds like an amazing girl! You two have such a unique and inspiring bond!

  3.'re evil and you must be punished lol.

    mrs soup we do have a lovely little bond. our lives are scary similar...some parts i wish weren't so similar. she's seriously the best little girl in the world.

    ask anyone that's met her. i'm not biased :)

  4. She is a great kid but definitely more like you than me. Wish you were here :)


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