midwest magic with a side of humble pie

i'm gonna eat my grumpiness from friday with some humble pie. i had an AMAZING time friday night and drove home with the most amazing energy tied to my heart.

friday...sigh, friday i was pissed (and then some) that my bud flaked on me but at the last minute (when minutes count most) my boy jersey agreed to go. from that point on i knew my luck would change. we left a burger joint and i skipped across the busy streets of ventura singing a tish-made jam "tonight's gonna be magic. i feel it i the air". jersey laughed and probably rolled his eyes a bit at the loon embarrassing him down the street but i was so right for singing my little song!

it took a little bit for the magic to kick in. i wasn't happy paying $20 for valet, $15 for the comedy store and $30 for the mandatory drinks they make you order (jerks...there went my no alcohol pact) BUT a couple of comics really stood out and had us laughing so hard my cackle went away. yes, it was like THAT!

this one guy vargas did a skit about the different sperm he has and the sperms' race (gladiator style) to the egg...i swear i almost busted a gut. there were a few other funny peeps as well that loosened the boy and i up enough to really enjoy those mandatory drinks and have a good time.

around 11 something the show ended and we gathered with my college bud peej and his peeps at the saddle ranch for some texas tea. (now we all know, everything's bigger and better in texas...that especially applies to the dranks and the drunken states that follow.) we met a couple and a cool chica from ku that i actually met a couple of years ago. we screamed out stories over zz top and made funny & friendly into the wee hours of the night.

i swear the whole group was like one big awesome first date. we all clicked so well and were having such a good time that the married couple invited us all back up to their home in the hollywood hills...that's where i started paying attention to the magic. we had spoken to vargus the comic previously and had all been impressed with how humble and cool the guy was. little did we know that each and everyone one of us would chow down on sharing the good sides of ourselves and then eating the same humble pie later in the night.

i love surrounding myself with interesting people. i seriously want to hug my buds to death sometimes. great writers, photographers, mothers, fathers, news journalists, stylists, professors, comedians...i've got friends doing amazingly random but awesome things with their lives and i can't get enough of that ish.

the people i hung with last night were no different:

jersey's this amazing fitness guy. peej's photography leaves my eyes buggin
and wanting more. his pal sara is this cool ku chick with a soft spot for sports (fight on!) peej's high school friend and his wife, j&m, had me rolling the whole night with their sweet and often hilarious stories. all successful in their own right, these folks are are all humble, intelligent, open-minded people that left me grinning on my drive home thru the hills.

being around such optimistically driven people is contagious. if lovin' those kinds of people is wrong...i don't wanna be right!

if you're lucky, you get a handful of people like this in your lifetime. if you're smart you'll listen to what they have to say. if you're down you'll follow their words and if you end up with a similar life perspective you're lucky as hell.

last night i learned that acknowledging the good stuff, going after the good stuff and eating the humble pie makes for a very good life. i'll eat up whenever i can.

photo by peej's cell phone


  1. aww they sound amazing. It's always good to hang out with optimistic, interesting people who can bring something to the table rather than... like Debbie Downers. They seem like genuine honest-to-good happy people who love life. There needs to be more people like that. Well, I need to MEET more people like that.

    hey tish, you know what song you should check out? I came across it randomly yesterday when browsing itunes but it just fits this post, this "enjoy life and take charge" attitude rather than wallowing in self-pity and blaming other people for how much your life sucks

    it's called Blame It On the Girls by Mika. Just listen, I hope you see why I think it fits heh

    lovely post as always x

  2. ah bella thank you for the song suggestion. i'll definitely check it out :)

  3. hey so i listened and luv. : )

    thanks bella!


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