mental cupcakes

so while i was dancing on sunshine yesterday my darling best friend was not so much. this resulted in me trying to help infuse a couple of mental cupcakes into her day to stimulate some smiles.

i sent a couple of coincidences her way, one journalism contact and a random email plastered with pictures of babies sprawling over various dogs and cats. at one point in our young lives this would have resulted in her thwacking me upside the head with a skinny long stick but as she's gotten older her taste in happiness has changed. she was tickled kiwi.

her final mental cupcake for the day is a humdinger though. this resulted in her sending back confirmation that the mental cupcake in slight question was a big hit. hopefully it plastered a permanent smirk on that lovely face of hers. best friend duties you see...

my goals in life are simple but oh so necessary...


  1. You definitely provided the sweetness of yesterday. :)

    And dang we are grubbing there. lol.

    p.s. Love the black darling.

  2. i believe that was PYRAMID pizza...which entails taking two slices at a time...(clearing throat and looking the other way)

    you like it?! sweet! ok it's settled. i'm keeping the new look.

  3. Who is that Latina on the left? LOL.

  4. ah dear twin she prefers puerto rican lol


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