a maniacal marathon mandinga

i am running a marathon. this doesn't scare me but BOY is it scary to think i'll be eating, breathing, living the runner's life. for the next 18 weeks i shall be a running fool. secretly, deep down, i am squealing in my running shoes.

i'm running a marathon. first of all, girls like me don't RUN marathons. we don't have lofty fitness goals. we don't push ourselves. well girls like i used to be.

i love the commitment part. the focus and the dedication it takes to go after something like this. plus when i'm old and grey i can say i ran a marathon as a youngster and my grandkiddoes will think i'm awesome like whoa. (yeah, i brought it back)

i'm going full out this time. yesterday i went to this lovely running store in pasadena called a snail's pace to get the proper gear. boy was it an experience to boot!

first of all this is no ordinary sports store. i walked in, confident and cocky, and asked the sales guy to give me an asics shoe in a size 10 1/2. (shut up about my shoe size...i'm tall!) he asks me why i want that shoe. i tell him because everyone says it's cool (doh! he's caught me being a douche!)

he laughs mockingly in my face and asks if he can help me find the best shoe for my foot. i take the challenge on curiously. he brings out a foot measurer thingy and gives me the scoop on my obvious inability to determine my correct shoe size and then tells me how a runner's foot swells and all this other mumbo jumbo that my ignorant little behind had not a clue about.

he brings out 3 different pairs of shoes and then has me not only kick the back of my foot, stand and do the "where's your toe hitting" game BUT he also makes me run up and down the store not once, not twice but FOUR times and then has me run on a treadmill for awhile, testing out each shoe for the perfect comfortable fit.

i walked away from that store with a pair of shoes i didn't even know existed but i swear i could visualize myself running past the finish line with pizazz in my lovely new kicks.

getting the pizazz shoes (aka brooks) cemented that this is all real. like a big kid, i'm really taking on this new feat with gusto. i'm throwing on the proverbial black war paint under my eyes, filling up on carbs and hitting the track.
today, my friends, is the beginning of my journey to awesomeness.

the shoe in all its glory: the brooks kick

they're even tishy gangster like! i'm about to make this my mantra. i will go some mo.

i even bought some new sockaroos to go in the lovely new shoes. dry fit. it's what's for dinner.

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  1. MOGO! I love it.

    We're gonna do it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. are they designed to make a kid run faster and jump higher?


  3. we shall see come january 10, 2010!!!


    good luck dude! I am sure you will kick ass in that race. Wish I could attend. I've always wanted to run a race...

    speaking of sneakers, I need to buy some. My old ones (have had them for a year now) or so worn down.

    anyway, awesome. have a fun 18 weeks hehehe

  5. bella i seriously recommend going to a running store and letting them work their mojo magic.

    i have friends that have lost toenails over silly wrong shoes.


  6. lost... toenails? x_o definitely heading to a running store then...

  7. I LOVE my brooks shoes. :)

    Yay marathon training!

  8. oh emily...i wish i still shared your enthusiasm. day 1 run complete...some what. hmph

    to be continued...

  9. Now I want to go to A Snail's Pace (what a cool name)! I don't think I've played the 'where is your toe' game since I was 7. I should probably start 'cause my kicks are no way as close to being as cool as yours!


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