i'll wave my private parts in your direction

today has been the perfect chill day.

no demands on not being funktified. no demands on entertaining active individuals. i committed myself to doing flitterfluff nada and by gosh, i did just that.

monty python watching, book reading and blogging demanded specific attire. (hoodie by fit bottomed girls)

a thematic "i don't give a fruck" food selection followed.

next on the agenda is 2 oprah magazines i have yet to read and this cute book i've been reading for the last couple of weeks _Bee Season_. i realize some day i won't have the luxury to sit around and delight in absurdities like the ones i've played around with today so i'm soaking it all in...it soaks well.


  1. You're too cute. Love the hoodie. :)

  2. i think they're calling it "athlete chic" nowadays...

  3. we marathoners call them "rest days" (hee hee)


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