i die

it's september.

this means tv shows start back up. this means my life chart shifts--book reading down, boob tube watching UP UP UP!

this means i get rachel zoe back. gasp!

one day when i was a good little girl i ran out into a green field (think sound of music) and i screamed up to the sky, "oh happy day, give me my love again!" and the sky whispered to a cloud, who then whispered to the o-zone, who then whispered to gasses, who then whispered to sattelites that my wishes were to be honored. that nice satellite then beamed down that lovely bravo program and now my addiction can start up once again.

who knew i needed chanel chats and prada plots. zoe knew.

i feel like tv's gotten really crummy. i say hang on to the shows that engage you.

it's so hard for me to sit on the couch for more than 30 minutes nowadays. this is CRAZY for a once tv junkie to admit.

tv's bad and i'm a.d.d. energetic crazy so anything that allows me to calm down and clear my head is tube-ular-tastic.


  1. dude, my favorite show ever doesn't come back till next year =( (Lost) at least Gossip Girl comes back soon

    in any case I'm moving to the UK anyway... hurray for not being able to watch decent TV except on streaming sites ahaha

    I relate with the not being able to watch tv... 20 mins nowadays and I'm out. I was once a tv junkie too!!

    <3 the new layout btw

  2. it's either we've caught a.d.d. bugs or tv creativity has just gone kurplunk...i dunno

    how awesome that you're moving to the UK! document!!!

    thanks for the layout luv...i am becoming even more confident in it's new clothes now.

  3. I am documenting it on my blog (which I posted in for the first time literally a couple of mins ago).

    I find it awesome that you live in LA btw... I was originally planning on going to USC

  4. ah perspective...and here i was thinking the UK would be WAYYYY cooler.

    USC is a pretty pretty (and might i add spoiled with goodies) institution.


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