human law

since the summer before college j and i have made it a point to do the email thang. for years now (we don't need to count at this point, do we?) we've been hee hawing our way thru term papers, boyfriends, loves, weirdos, douches, family dramas and all the other good stuff that makes life fantastically rich. some of our conversations are about hard serious issues that require a best friend's ear while other times we can discuss random nonsense like what a witty death threat would entail...yeah, we're weird like that.

these conversations have sustained me year after year, drama after drama and joy after joy. yesterday i mentioned that we can talk about hoo haw all day long and still feel like we've left each other at the end of the day with a little more of each other than we had before. no matter what we discuss we just get betta and better. i dig this.

i, of course, had to bring my single flower power mantra into the mix..."now if only i could find a dude like you"

j, happily married to the best guy in the world, chuckled and told me while it's great having the guy who she can share and do anything with it's still great having a female best bud. there are just some things guys will never understand about their estrogen counterparts and vice versa.

i agreed of course (we share the same brain u know) and slammed my fist down as i typed "it's human law".

i blog a lot about the secret societies that refuse to let me in. this time though, i got this. i've got the "best friend secret society patch, hand shake and secret decoder pin" downness!

bff j: secret weapon for sanity since 1995.

(thanks for keeping membership strong!)


  1. BFF Secret Society membership is the best. You know the little things AND the big things. That's friendship x100. :)

    (Just noticed how cute your labels are...very witty...very you!)

  2. lol you dig the labels eh? i had fun with those.

    x100 indeed. more like 13x26...whatever that is :)


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