hitchcock presents gangsta bird

mary poppins you make me twitch.

you make me twitch because you sang a demonic song called "feed the birds" and some little kid grew up and decided that feeding the damn birds was a sweet awesome idea. they took this demented idea to the corner bakery across from MY job and they fed the birds over there some radioactive bull crap. tweety is now on roids and it's all the magical nanny's fault.

i just spent my entire lunch screaming, ducking, choking on my turkey sammy and timidly shooing this little shithead:

the really effed up part is him and his posse were only attacking my home girl and me (who happened to be the only two sisters in the darn patio area.)

racist, roided-up hot mess. that's what it was. i swear i need a drink.


  1. OMG! Racist 'roided up shithead birds. Do they allow hunting in Cali? lol...

  2. aw they're going about it all wrong. you're supposed to go through the bird lady.


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