happy punches

i rocked out some crazy runs for 3 weeks and so i decided (with the help of my lovely bladder) that i would not do a darn tootin' thing this week. i'm taking a vacay from working out. this is HUGE considering the fact that i've worked out on a consistent basis since January.

don't get me wrong. i don't advocate the not working out thing but it has been nice going back to my previous eating habits (i eat much smaller portions when i'm not a running beast) but it also means i can't get down with the treats i've been snackin on lately.

yesterday was an exception though. i needed a cupcake. i needed a cupcake like a a hoochie needs a check up. so i went to yummy cupcakes in burbank and purchased two. (an old school for me and a red velvet something for buddy)

i brought back our tiny bits o' heaven and together we devoured those scrumptious little devils...and my world was complete.

this story has no real purpose other than i'm kind of in love with the fact that something so tiny and might i add fleeting can make me so darn happy.

i personally love the idea of maintaining happy highs. i thank my old school cup cake for providing me with one of many happy punches.


  1. That's weird... I took a fitness break this week as well. Those cupcakes look amazing -stares-

  2. some times a sister needs a break...and a cupcake.

    their magical i say.


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