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i just read an interview in my o magazine (that's oprah's magazine for all you silly mortals) that left me happy as a clam. jay z was the guy in the hot seat.

obviously the man has a new album out but i don't really give a "what what". i'm not gonna lie to kick it (i'm SO a nas fan if we're pickin teams which MOST people DO) but there's just something about this particular interview that had me swooning with admiration. (yeah i said it.)

i love oprah to death but the sister hasn't given a great interview in i don't know how long. (please don't get me started on how lame the first part of the whitney interview was...) i need her to push buttons, ask the questions... the HAWD questions that make the person in the hot seat squirm. (i went to a school of journalism people. i thurst for blood in truth form.)

so i digress. the interview.

she asks him great questions and he gives great answers back and i learn something and i feel better and i'm actually diggin the fact that a man like shawn carter exists in the world. i dig the way he thinks about emotional situations and how honest and brave he is for sharing those situations with the world at large.

i delight in the uncomfortable "agree to disagree" moments the two power houses have concerning "the n word".

there's nothing sexier (yeah i said it) than a self-assured man who is comfortable and respectful enough with himself to act with integrity. it's called swagger and by george i like me some swagger!

i suggest you pick up the good o magazine and read the interview. every day we're supposed to learn something new. when someone else's education trickles down into your noggin and inspires, then you know you've tripped into some magic puddle of splendor.

this is one of those times where nosiness can actually do a noodle good. (shout out to all you pop culture tabloid suckers!)

i'm a happy clam with pearls of wisdom growing in my pink clammy middle parts. (lol ew. yeah i said it)


  1. I am gonna have to check that interview out; I love Jay-Z's new album. I was actually listening to him in an interview on a radio station last week and love how reassured he is. I mean, he's not afraid to address issues and negative things that have occurred in his lifetime and he does so in a mature way. I have a lot of respect for him, and I agree - soooo sexy ahaha

    btw, that last part - LOLLL

  2. i agree ms bella!

    glad you liked my little clam nastiness

  3. good stuff, i don't read o...but i will check it out for this hova interview...wish it was on the show, though..(that whitney interview was a bobby bashing party. i mean oprah practically spoon fed her answers...)anyway, thanks for the info! :-)


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