flame of the uninspired

i spend a lifetime curving out my fate
things i like, things i hate...
--k.d. lang


toni morrison & jazz paintings i purchased
the last time i was in new orleans

the ring collection i've accumulated. just for the record
the ring on the right says "fabulous" it don't get no betta

my makeshift makeup brush holder

my Godchild's art circa 2005
i think she may be the next picasso


running. period. at least for now. i'm glad my marathon is at disney world. if i don't have happy, happy, joy, joy all around me the day of the race i might just spontaneously explode

long running socks. i told the sales guy this length made my butt twitch but he put them in my bag nonetheless. sigh...i'm too cheap NOT to wear them either so spazz socks i will endure. hmph

apparently i like more than hate. yeah for being a good girl!


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