fart-licking failure

how about we just go ahead and strike marathon mandinga from the record. i admire my previous moxy...but that zeal isn't gonna be discussed for quite some time i predict.

do you know what a fartlek is? well that's what i did today. (i hang my treadmill-cocky head in shame.) i ran a measly mile today outside (my first outside run in a straight minute) and about killed over. the last two miles that i was SUPPOSED to run consisted of run/walking...also known as a lovely fartlek. (pronounced fart lick...don't you try to make that ish sound fancy!)

i ran the straights and walked the curves and i did all of this while fit stupid high school football players watched and guffawed at my obvious lack of kiwi power. (at least they were guffawing in my head. it sounded like a collective goofy-from disney-laugh. mental or not, i felt the sting of shame.)

i wanted nothing more than to steal a helmet and jog off the track. instead my gal pal e consoled me and treated me to a deliciously nutritious berry topper from jamba juice (berries, soy milk and granola basically) for din din. (took my mind off of my boo boo run for a good half hour.)

i wanna know why a gal who can run 10 miles on a damn treadmill can barely get thru a darn mile outside. i felt like my lungs were bleeding. i'm not being dramatic! i could actually taste that mess. someone give me advice...run when it gets cool? take allergy pills? what's the secret?

i understand this is why people start training early for marathons. i'm thankful i still have 17 weeks and a couple days but that doesn't make me fear the outdoor runs any less.

and one more gripe before i go. so i ran in college to clear my head. the track was the one place i could go numb and work out all my mental ish. i'm currently dealing with some stuff that i KNOW is ridiculous because it consumes my every thought. it's lame. i shouldn't be stressing about the things i can not control...now imagine my pissy-ness when i hit the track and my mind started gravitating towards those very thoughts. doh! it was just not a good run day.

sorry but no. i could not channel the marathon mandinga. sniff.

i shall end on a positive note. there is NUTHIN better in my world than coming home from a run, taking a hot arse shower, throwing on some cocoa butter lotion, a pair of basketball shorts and a soft t-shirt. it's like life butta.


  1. You need to just keep running outside. There's no trick to it. You'll get better no worries

  2. i was afraid you'd say that...sigh

    if i could i'd dramatically throw myself onto the floor but i'd probably rip my pants so i'll just do it in my head. :(

  3. aww I feel your pain. Running the treadmill is fine for me, even on incline (though I'm not much of a runner), but when I go outside, the weather + uneven terrain destroys me. Just keep working hard love <3

    oooh I agree with that last paragraph... except I take kickboxing rather than run hehe =)

  4. I blame the fires and LA smog! Try later in the evening and just keep at it. (Plus, when you're running 10+ outside, I'm gonna make you reread this post to giggle at yourself. hehe.)

  5. You're going to be fine, Tish! Personally, I can't do treadmill running/walking because it bores the heck out of me. Outside running is very different, and I think if you run not on a track you'll find that your mind doesn't wander to the bad stuff as much because you have to pay attention to your surroundings a little more! Personally, I also have a hard time running in the heat--the sun drains me--so when I ran I did it first thing in the morning! A cool morning made me want to run forever! Good luck!! :)

  6. i'm going to take your run when it's cooler outside advice. thanks!


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