what about me screams addictive behavior?

i shout kiwi power and dub my blog green with luv and people assume i need candles in the shape of toothpaste or die!

…do i seem like a full throttler? once i like something i go hawd?

i’m totally the opposite. i can love, love LOVE a band but yawn when the next album comes out. i'm not gonna love something blindly. squeezing something to death until its gasping for air is not my cup of tea. i don’t roll that way. i'm just not down with obsessive luv behavior…what can i say.

so a sister writes a post about digging asian boys (growl hubba hubba) and now all of a sudden i’ve banished all jonesing for other men…people's jaws drop when i check out a brutha man’s caboose. some how i've managed to convince the world i’m strictly a lover of all things asian man…and these guys don’t even have to be cute. i have no taste or discernment…it's an asian man for me (sing this like a pirate) and I shall love them for the rest of my life…until I’m left gasping for air.

did my momma just pop out a big ole hyperbole and name it tish?! is that what i am?

i don't wanna see NO candles in the shape of hiro nakamura's face! i'm just saying...


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