crazy love

i'm sure my grandparents will be thrilled to know i'm discussing something they probably pillow talked to death 50 years ago.

i'm a little frazzled by the documentary i just watched (blog title). i have no idea what i'm supposed to think after watching that flick. (it's a coupling moment. i have no opinion.)

at first i thought the darn thing would be a great film to show to my girls on valentines day. (it's totally a sick and twisted spin on luv) the story warped itself about 20 minutes from the end though and i had to scratch the valentines vaccine idea.

at this moment i feel like i'm lame for being single and relieved i'm single simultaneously. (i'm also twitching and rocking myself for comfort.)

i don't know where the movies come from that pop into my netflix queue. i swear there's a crazy elf trippin on acid that hides in there and selects chaos at will but i love that little elf. it's good to shake things up.

we tend to hang with folks that generally dig the same stuff we do. this leads to boring contentment watching, doing and thinking the same things all day 'err day. i think everyone should adopt an acid tripping movie elf to help spice up life. let everyone twitch and rock for fun.

in the meantime, i shall be that elf for you all. check out crazy love. it's got a little something for everyone so i won't limit the darn thing by giving it a target audience. it's crazy for dang skippy.


  1. Speaking of Documentaries about Love... May I suggest "Dope Sick Love"... A must see... :P


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